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British drama recommendation-BBC exquisite drama "Us" (US)


Connie lay on the bed and said to Douglas beside him: "My son is leaving home to go to college, and I think it's time to leave you. I don't dislike you, but... I don't think we can spend the rest of our lives together...". Douglas, who was half asleep and half awake, was suddenly awakened by these words, turned on the lamp on the bedside table, looked at Connie with a puzzled face and asked, "Did I do something wrong?". This scene may be a scene that many women have thought about countless times in their hearts, and it is also the opening of the British drama BBC mini-series "Us" (US)... 


Douglas, who was suddenly divorced by his wife, finally decided to embark on the long-planned European trip with his wife Connie and son Albie. He silently gave himself a mission to make Connie change his mind during the trip. We traveled with this family in Paris, Venice, and Barcelona, and learned about their way of getting along through bits and pieces during the journey.  


Douglas is basically a control freak. Which train to take, which hotel to stay in, and which scenic spots to visit are all according to his plan, and Connie tries to cooperate with him as much as possible. Son Albie will have his own opinions, and at this time the father and son will fight, and then Connie will have to coordinate. With the memories of Douglas during the journey, we also know how he and Connie met at the beginning. Douglas, who works in a biological laboratory, is so different from Connie, who has an artist soul and likes to paint, but they are deeply attracted by each other when they are young. attract.  


After marriage, with the birth of a child, daily necessities, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea conceal the fact that the two souls are actually very different. And Connie is often the one who takes a few steps back to cooperate, so from Douglas' point of view, their marriage is fine and good, and he really can't figure out why Connie would break up. And after holding hands for so many years to face the ups and downs in life, each of them also has a very important place in each other's life. They didn't change their hearts and fell in love with others. When you watched them laugh and laugh during the journey, your heart would be tugged, thinking which couple is not noisy, and it is better to persuade them to make peace than to persuade them to leave. But when you put aside this far-fetched idea, you can see that the deeper question between this couple is, will Connie be happy if he continues to be with Douglas? The answer is painful and clear, no.  


The whole series of "Us" (US) is viewed from the perspective of Douglas, because this British drama is adapted from the best-selling novel by David Nicholls. Connie has very little inner drama, but it makes her feelings very understandable. She doesn't regret marrying Douglas, and she has a good relationship with her son Albie, but in this marriage, beside Douglas, she is not completely herself. Her soul is bound to a certain extent, and she wants to serve her for the rest of her life. Live by yourself, be all of yourself.  


Such an album may be difficult to shoot in Asia. The Taiwanese society still has a very traditional way of thinking when growing up. Girls are always told that they should be husbands and children when they grow up. Being a woman behind a successful man is also a great achievement, but it is very difficult. Don't tell girls that they should pursue their dreams and live out their own wonderful lives! The most romantic part of this British drama is that Douglas and Connie still separated in the end, and it was a peaceful and rational adult breakup. The two will always be Albie's father and mother, but they will not give up pursuing the life they want. In the light sadness, you know that these two people must be better off.

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