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One-day British high society experience, mysterious and luxurious private club in London


When it comes to private clubs (Members Club), the rich people's clubs may come to mind! But compared to wealth, many private clubs in London pay more attention to inheritance and the commonality of members. Compared to wealth, they prefer the recommendation system, which usually requires the recommendation of at least two existing members. The golden key to open these private clubs is neither money nor power, but "relationships"!(read more)

Locals' pocket list, top 4 must-visit bars in London


I am often asked, what is the best hotel bar in London? I really want to recommend hotels that you can't find in another city except London, such as The Savoy Hotel, Claridge's Hotel, The Dorchester, Dukes London Hotel and so on. So what is the biggest difference between these top hotel bars? My answer may surprise you, it is neither the bartending nor the decoration, but the guests...(read more)

​British drama recommendation-BBC exquisite drama "We" (US)


Connie lay on the bed and said to Douglas beside him: "My son is leaving home to go to college, and I think it's time to leave you. I don't dislike you, but... I don't think we can spend the rest of our lives together...". Douglas, who was half asleep and half awake, was suddenly awakened by these words, turned on the lamp on the bedside table, looked at Connie with a puzzled face and asked, "Did I do something wrong?". This scene may be a scene that many women have thought about countless times in their hearts, and it is also the opening scene of the British drama BBC mini-series "Us" (US)...(read more)

​The British royal family observation: Meghan Harry's "Oprah Century Interview"


To be honest, after watching the interview with Meghan Harry who made who cry, and who is pretending to cry, there is an indescribable sense of emptiness. Many of the issues raised by Meghan seem sensational, but the royal family accusations such as I know that there are many allegations that are contrary to the facts. Sure enough, the next day, the British media came to conduct an empirical assessment. There are some things Meghan said that we cannot verify, for example: whether she Googled Harry and the royal family before marriage, whether Kate made her cry, these things outsiders will not know. However, Archie is not a prince because of his skin color, because he is not a prince so he has no bodyguards..(read more)

​ Britain is not a food desert! Interview with Hide, a Michelin-starred restaurant in London


In 2019, Michelin UK awarded a total of three three-star restaurants, ten two-star restaurants and fifty-eight one-star restaurants in London. Among the restaurants that received a Michelin star for the first time, there is a restaurant that also won the 2019 UK GQ Best Restaurant award, and that is Hide in Green Park. Compared with other Michelin restaurants, Hide's biggest feature is the wine list that even Michelin three-star restaurants in the world can't match!(read more)

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