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Lisa Huang 

威士忌、英國文化與皇室專家 Lisa Huang

best seller"tipsy, london"Author, whiskey and British culture expert."Tippy Nights, London"It's a Facebook fan, too."GQ Taiwan"column name. Newly opened in 2020"Critical Review Network","E.very little d"column.


The vice-president of the Foreign Commercial Bank in London, unable to resist the temptation of the perceptual thinking of the right-brained youth, Slash became a writer and an observer of the British royal family. I moved to London in 2006. The surprises and emotions that can be found everywhere in the British years are the source of inspiration for writing. The British royal family/whiskey/life aesthetics is the place of inseparable love and enthusiasm.

In addition to writing, he also co-hosted a number of whiskey events and lectures on British culture in Taipei and London with industry experts, Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, and well-known writers.

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