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One-day British high society experience, mysterious and luxurious private club in London

When it comes to the social life of the British upper class, it must be mentionedPrivate Club (Members Club). The rich man's club may come to everyone's mind! But compared to wealth, London's private clubs (Members Club) pay more attention to heritage and the commonality of members. They hope that members are at the same level as far as possible in terms of economic level, cultural level, and family background.

Therefore, compared with the system of membership that can be joined if you have money, they prefer the recommendation system. The golden key to open these Members Clubs is neither money nor power, but "relationships"! So, what do these mysterious Members Clubs look like? Let us lift their veils and get a glimpse of their true colors!

倫敦最低調神祕的私人會所, Hurlingham Club, 取自官網

(The most low-key and mysterious private club in London, Hurlingham Club, taken from the official website)

One day last year, the relationship with the British royal family has always been very goodRoyal Salute(Royal Salute) sent an invitation letter, which stated that it would release a limited edition whiskey, but the word on the invitation letter that attracted me more than the Limited Edition was Hurlingham Club- this is the most famous Members Club in London. ! Princess Kate and her younger sister Pippa often play tennis here, and Princess Charlotte also takes tennis lessons here!

Moreover, the Hurlingham Club, established in 1829, is the most difficult Members Club in London to join. It is said that its member waiting list has been on the waiting list for 30 years, mainly because the membership of this club is hereditary, and it is rarely open to new members. Member joins. Such a mysterious club, anyone would want to find out... So I quickly replied, I want to participate!

倫敦最低調神祕的私人會所, Hurlingham Club,

(The most low-key and mysterious private club in London, Hurlingham Club, taken from the official website)

On the day of the Royal Gun Salute, there was drizzle in addition to the usual haze in London. When the limousine brought me to the gate of the Hurlingham Club private club, the guard stuck his head into the car and said: "We have received instructions that all VIPs who come to participate in the Royal Gun Salute must walk from the gate to the Club House, so please take the trouble Get out of the car." Although the public relations company in charge had told me to wear flat shoes, but look at the long skirt on my body, wouldn't it be wet if I walked on it? I begged the guard: "It's raining...", He handed over a big umbrella with a smile on his face and said, "The umbrella is ready..."

皇家禮炮的馬球大使 Malcolm Borwick在雨中教大家打馬球

(Royal Salute's polo ambassador Malcolm Borwick teaching everyone how to play polo in the rain)

I had no choice but to get out of the car and walk, and it didn't take long before I discovered why there was such an arrangement. In West London, where land is extremely expensive, the private club of Hurlingham Club sits on 42 acres of green space. Delphiniums, washtails, and lilies are planted on the narrow paths. At the end of the path is a wooden arch bridge. Poolside of white and pink water lilies. The endless grass is covered with shades of green. This is a scene only found in the English countryside. How could it appear in the center of London?

英國上流社會俱樂部Hurlingham Club

(Everyone can only hide under the tree and have a drink outside)

Club House is an elegant white Georgian building. My first impression of her is that it is low-key, and the furnishings and atmosphere inside are also very light and elegant. The British, who are always good at decorating, cleverly combined the Tiffany blue of the whiskey bottle with the lake green and gold on the wall, creating an elegant and luxurious feeling like a wedding. How could whiskey taste bad under such circumstances?


Royal Cannon Presentation, decorated as elegantly as a wedding banquet)

After the Royal Salute launch, I curiously checked the membership fee of the private club of Hurlingham Club. I thought it would be astronomical. However, whether you have amazing financial resources is not their consideration. Perhaps whether you have the blue blood (Blue Blood) that belongs to the British aristocracy is the key to getting you into the club.

皇家禮炮馬球大使Malcolm Borwick, 也是哈利王子的馬球球友

(Royal Salute polo ambassador Malcolm Borwick, also a polo teammate of Prince Harry)

In addition to the Hurlingham Club, the Blacks Club in Soho also impressed me. Blacks is located on the bustling Dean Street. The house number of this Town House built in 1732 is extremely inconspicuous, and its appearance is no different from that of ordinary houses. You may pass by it many times without realizing it.

英國倫敦Black Club(取自官網)

(The unremarkable Blacks Club gate, taken from the official website)

Back in 1764, well-known London literati Samuel Johnson (Note), actor David Garrick and painter Joshua Reynolds gathered in this house to talk about current art and literature topics. This tradition continues to this day, and members of Blacks only accept people from the arts and literature, media and writers. Every month, there will be special art and cultural activities for members. Sam Smith's first private concert was held in Blacks.

英國倫敦Black Club(取自官網)

(Blacks with a very artistic atmosphere, taken from the official website)

英國倫敦Black Club(取自官網)

(Blacks with a very artistic atmosphere, taken from the official website)

英國倫敦Black Club(取自官網)

(Blacks with a very artistic atmosphere, taken from the official website)

I still remember the first time I ate at Blacks, the couple at the next table were discussing the refugee camps in various countries they had visited. As I work in the financial industry, of course I am not qualified to apply for membership. I used to get a membership application form for my photographer friend Angie through my relationship. The questions on it are: Who is your favorite director? Why do you like this director? Have you ever done craziest thing ever?

Strangers who don’t know each other in Blacks are easy to chat. I think it’s because everyone knows that they will become a member of this club. They say that there must be something in common with each other, and they will naturally let go of their guards, even strangers who meet for the first time Can chat like a friend. And perhaps this sense of identity and belonging is the philosophy of Members Clubs in London. In this big city of 8 million people, when you know that there is a place full of people in your own stratum when you open the door, it is also true. An indescribable peace of mind and relaxation...

(Note): Samuel Johnson once said: When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life (When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life). After living in London for many years, I have to say this quote is so apt!

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