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Activity review


Get drunk with Lisa in London | 29/03/2023

I have participated in many wine tastings in London, and found that the pursuit of the wine tasting here is not to bring you hard knowledge of whiskey, but to hope that everyone will have beautiful and romantic memories that night. Hosting Cutty Sark & Glen Moray night last Wednesday night was a perfect rerun, it was pouring rain in London that night, we laughed louder than the rain, and seeing everyone leave with all smiles on their faces made it all worth it!

 GQ Taiwan Style Lecture | 23/03/2022

It is a great honor to be invited by GQ Taiwan to give a lecture on the style of this year's Suit Walk! Where does the internalized style charm of "British gentlemen" come from? In addition to the charming British accent, their sexy charm definitely comes from the background of the city of London. The wine paired that day was Glenfiddich whiskey. We used different drinking methods to let everyone see the different aspects of whiskey, subverting your senses and imagination.

  Tainan Ubang Bookstore| 22/02/2022

Tainan Wubang Bookstore's "Slightly Drunken London" lecture was a complete success! Next to the Fucheng CanalThe white house is a low-key and unassuming beauty. Sunlight pours down unreservedly in the bookstore with large glass windows. Amid the soft and whispering jazz music, we drink Gin Tonic, the favorite of the British, and smile together. drunken london.

Taipei YuppieBookstore | 09/02/2022

The first Taipei lecture of "Slightly Drunken London" was held in the Yuppie Bookstore with a European atmosphere. Thank you for traveling with me through time and space to experience the elegance and absurdity of English pubs. Yuppie Bookstore Hidden in an Old East Side CommercialIn the building, after the elevator opened on the third floor, the vermilion torii gates of Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto stood in front of you, and you walked down the stairs into Paris, France in the 1930s, the golden age of art and humanities. Mottled baroque carvings, objects from the last century, decadent and romantic style. What is sold here is not ambiguity, but a feast of art and culture.

 LondonThe Art of Harmonization | 04/08/2019

teachFishing alone is worse than stimulating her desire for the sea!


Last night's first handmade whiskey event in London for Taiwanese (Art of Blending) debut, let everyone use whiskey from the five major production areas to make your own whiskey!​ Without you and your participation, this event would not be so happy and complete. The event is not to teach you how much whiskey knowledge, but to see the smiles brought by whiskey on everyone's faces.