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British Royal Watch: Meghan Harry's Oprah Interview of the Century


To be honest, after watching the interview with Meghan Harry who made who cry, and who is pretending to cry, there is an indescribable sense of emptiness. Many of the issues raised by Meghan seem sensational, but the royal family accusations such as I know that there are many allegations that are contrary to the facts.

Sure enough, the next day, the British media came to conduct an empirical assessment. There are some things Meghan said that we cannot verify, for example: whether she Googled Harry and the royal family before marriage, whether Kate made her cry, these things outsiders will not know. However, Archie is not a prince because of his skin color, because he is not a prince, so he has no bodyguards, and the royal family confiscated her passport. These are not in line with the facts.

In the British royal family, only immediate family members of the heir to the throne will automatically have the titles of prince and princess. Harry is not the heir to the throne, so his children will not be princes and princesses in the first place, and their skin color has nothing to do with it. The British royal family's bodyguards are the responsibility of the Home Office and taxpayers pay for them. If Harry and Meghan continue to be responsible for their overseas security after they move out of the UK, British taxpayers will pay an extra £4 million a year. This matter was quarreled last year. The British people felt that there was no reason for the two to continue to pay if they no longer worked for the royal family. The Ministry of the Interior finally canceled their security. Next, Meghan went abroad thirteen times in two years in the royal family (or by private jet), how would she go abroad if her passport was confiscated...

Compared with interviews full of lies, the treatment of the royal family is the embodiment of British culture. CBS broadcasts the interview on Sunday night, US time, which is the early morning hours in the UK. The royal staff finished the interview immediately and entered Buckingham Palace to hold an emergency meeting with the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William. Although it hasn't been broadcast in the UK on Monday morning, there have been rumors on the Internet about what Meghan told Harry. The British royal family is still standing still, because no matter what the villagers around the world say, their master is the British people, and what the master thinks after reading it is the most important thing.

When the interview was broadcast on Monday night, there were British people who sympathized with Harry and Meghan in front of the TV, but there should be more people who felt sorry for the Queen and Kate. In addition, some lies were too big, so this visit, which was originally described as the catastrophe of the royal family's century, was completely thunderous and rainy. Sure enough, the results of the polls came out on Tuesday, and Grandma Queen still won by a big margin. After taking this reassurance, the handling of the British royal family became calm.

Buckingham Palace issued a statement, beginning with feeling sorry for the hardship the Harrys have endured in recent years, and saying that everything you said was heard, especially in the case of racism. While memories vary, we will take a good look at these household matters privately and end with Harry Meghan and Archie being our beloved family forever. The main point of this statement is "While some recollections may vary". The literal translation of this sentence into Chinese is: Everyone remembers differently, but in British English it actually means "I don't quite remember what you said. The same", elegantly slapping the couple's face is different from the facts. After issuing the statement, the royal family did not explain anything further. All members attended the event according to the original work plan. After all, the UK is still plagued by the epidemic, and the people of the country are more important.

As for why the visit didn't turn into a royal disaster of the century? The biggest reason is the low popularity of Harry and Meghan in the UK. After all, while more than 100,000 people died in the UK, the two didn't seem to do anything for the British people other than sitting in a multi-million dollar mansion in Los Angeles and complaining desperately. If you still want to know what other accusations Meghan has "different memories" in this interview, don't miss mybritish royal family liveoh.

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