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​Whiskey Master Interview: Sandy Hyslop, Head Bartender, Ballantine's & Royal Salute

It is a great honor to interview Sandy Hyslop, the global chief bartender of Ballantine's and Royal Salute in London. This master talked about his passion for whiskey, his talent for whiskey blending, the inheritance of this industry from generation to generation and the introduction of whiskey to readers Some suggestions for the trip.(read more)

Secrets Whiskey Experts Can't Tell: An Interview with Compass Box Whiskey

When drinking whiskey, only the name of the whiskey or the distillery is written on the label, plus a number. You may or may not know it, but the recipe is the best kept secret in the whiskey industry. It is said in the world that this is the regulation of the Scotch Whiskey Association (SWA), which requires manufacturers not to publish the recipe. Unexpectedly, in 2016, a wine merchant challenged Tiantiao and published the recipe on the Internet by itself....(read more)

Poems in a Wine Bottle - Glenlivet's 50th Anniversary Presentation

50-year-old whiskey, as the name suggests, is a wine that has been submerged and condensed for decades in the wine cellar, absorbing the essence of the environment over the years and slowly maturing. Glenlivet's 50 years (The Winchester Collection 1967), after half a century of cleaning, has transformed into a gentle, charming and charming old gentleman. His life has endless stories. He said slowly, you listened intently...(read more)

Experts vs yourself, who do you trust more? This chart lets you figure out which wine is best for your palate!

Everyone's taste buds are different, and the memory and experience of food are also different. For example, some people like smoked plums, some like snow plums, and some don't like any pickled plums at all. It's not right or wrong, everyone's preferences are different. The "good wine" recommended by the so-called "masters" and "experts" based on their own preferences may just not be the type I like or feel. So what kind of wine do I like? (read more)

Islay Rhapsody

Those who have worked so hard to come to this small island are definitely heavy peat whiskey addicts. Wine lovers, islanders, terroir, peat, and time together weave into the unique charm of Islay. If you are lucky enough to visit this small island in your lifetime, you will understand why Haruki Murakami wrote "If our language is whiskey"...Because, in the only happy moment on the island, the language between you and me is really whiskey...?  (read more)

For more excellent articles, please see Lisa Huang's book "Slightly Drunken, London: Drinking Culture and Wine Stories, Subverting Your Imaginary Brits", after fully reconciling tourism, British culture, and wine knowledge with emotional brushwork, share with you Drink a glass of fragrant and charming wine. Book details, blog to order online

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