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收到皇家禮炮《查理三世加冕限量款》邀請函時,眼睛用力地眨了三次,地點:西敏寺教堂!西敏寺教堂自從1066年來就是英國歷代居主加冕之地,也是伊莉莎白女王與菲利浦親王、威廉王子與凱特王妃的結婚教堂! 平常五點以後就謝絕訪客的西敏寺教堂將在全球發表會當晚再度為我們而開,讓我們在裡面參觀並且晚宴! 喜歡英國文化、英國皇室、威士忌的你,快來和我一起窺探這場神祕又奢華皇家晚宴吧~

U.K.royal drunken night

The Royal Salute, which was born in 1953 to celebrate the Queen's coronation and coronation, always inadvertently reveals the royal style in the brand DNA. In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Queen's accession to the throne, the Platinum Jubilee Royal Salute was designed with the Queen's favorite brooch as a commemoration series, once again elegantly reminding the world of the deep relationship between the salute and the royal family. If you want to know how the queen's favorite brooch - the Cullinan V, and how the world's largest diamond fell into the hands of the British royal family, you must not miss this live broadcast.

U.K.Lecture on Royal Jewelry

It is a great honor to invite Taiwan's first gold engraver to receive The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust: Li Zhining (Ning), to share with you the royal jewelry and what is the royal family. Authentication (Royal Warrant), and how to unlock the British precious metal password (Hallmark). If you like British culture, you who are fans of the royal family, and you who like jewelry, don’t miss it~

Drink Around the World vs Tiny London

When designing the live broadcast content with James from "Drink Around the World", I originally wanted to go in the direction of pure literature, let go of the obsession with wine and return to Wenqing, and chat with everyone on the journey to the wine country. What are the moments that make our hearts flutter. It turns’s really hard not to talk about wine! Quickly pour a glass, and follow me and James around the world to get a little drunk!

those britishin the royal familylikeLove fairy tale  (ft. Mrs. Reader)

After reading Oprah's interview with Megan and Harry, do you wonder like me whether it was Kate who made Meghan cry, or Meghan who made Kate cry. The racial issues raised by Megan in the interview seemed sensational, and the British royal family knew that there were quite a lot of allegations that were contrary to the facts. "While recollections may vary" in the British royal statement slapped Harry and Meghan in the most elegant way. What did they say about "you and I have different memories" in the interview? British royal fans should not miss this episode live streaming!

She who fell in love with whiskey  (ft. I bought drunk)

Thanks to Yaqing for the invitation, when she suggested that the theme was women and whiskey, I agreed almost without thinking. In addition to wanting to share the romance of whiskey with you, I really want to know if you are already in love or are you still on the road? Pure drinking is too manly, and water is not in love. How can women (eat) drink whiskey? Magma Chocolate Cake ? Drizzled on top of Colleum ?  

For more excellent articles, please see Lisa Huang's book "Slightly Drunken, London: Drinking Culture and Wine Stories, Subverting Your Imaginary Brits", after fully reconciling tourism, British culture, and wine knowledge with emotional brushwork, share with you Drink a glass of fragrant and charming wine. Book details, blog to order online

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