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What the British drink is not alcohol, but interpersonal communication, and emotional constraints inherited from ancient times. From the street pubs that can be seen everywhere in the UK to the numerous world-class cocktail bars in London, alcohol is ubiquitous in the life, history and daily life of British people. With more than ten years of living experience and field observations in London, he looks at British wine culture from a unique perspective.

In addition to the shallow knowledge of British culture and wine, this book also has very cultural travel articles: the former residence museum of British mime master Chaplin in Vevey, Switzerland, taking a cruise ship that has been very popular in Britain since the 19th century to Madeira Island, the Mardi Gras Carnival in New Orleans, USA, and the Sky City in Provence, South France.
If you like British culture, drinking, and traveling, you will definitely read it page by page.


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Queen 溫莎王朝


根據 Statista 2021 年的研究指出,英國皇室是全球第五大品牌,擊敗迪士尼、微軟和可口可樂等公司,市值高達675 億英鎊。溫莎家族是全世界頂級名流,也是全球能見度最高的皇室,不管你是不是英國人都對這個家族的八卦可以朗朗上口,不管你有沒有見過女王,她彷彿就是鄰居家的老奶奶。溫莎王朝維持超高人氣的同時又很有神祕感,讓人不禁想窺探更多這個王朝的點點滴滴。作者透過長期居住在倫敦對皇室的第一手研究與近距離觀察,從大家耳熟能詳的皇室八卦到不為人知的辛苦心酸,都將在本書中一一揭露。



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